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Gifftech Consulting's balanced security approach Business owners who do not take action against security risks will find they are one of the easiest targets for cyber-attacks. Keeping up with the fast-pace and ever-changing security threats can be a full-time job. It is more important than ever to make your company's security a top priority. With our managed security services you can rest easy knowing all your IT security and compliance needs are constantly being addressed.
Managed Firewall - When your network is protected with our managed and monitored Unified Threat Management Firewall services, no security incident will go undetected.
VPN Access w/ Two-Factor Authentication - A properly configured VPN ensures remote access to the systems and the information needed. Two-Factor Authentication protects your data from attackers and ensures compliance with security best practices.
Secure Wi-Fi - Providing guest Wi-Fi access has become the norm. Gifftech Consulting will securley configure both public and private Wi-Fi network servicing both customers and employees and will prevent unwanted access to your business network.
Network Monitoring - Maintaining a secure network requires a constant watch over what is going on within the businesses network system. Gifftech Consulting handless the monitoring for your business. We provide log & file integrity monitoring with incident response 24/7 as well as network uptime monitoring with outage notification.
a Security Policies - Effective decision-making is critical to the governance of IT investments, project delivery, and IT support. Being equipped with the proper tools to create effective IT policy and procedures will take the guesswork out of IT decision-making. We assist with the creation and implementation of policies designed to protect the integrity and confidentiality of your data.
Write IT Policies - Create Security, Acceptable Use and Data Security policies/procedures needed to support the structures.
Enforce IT Policies - Create the processes to enforce the policies and cement the governance structures and processes in place.
Manage IT Processes - Ensure that your IT policies are conservative and comprehensive.
Gifftech Consulting specializes in simplifying IT security and compliance for small and mid-size businesses. We provide a complete security solution to manage your network security and compliance requirements. Proper network security is the protection of company data and equipment from either hacking, misuse, viruses, malware and any and all security vulnerabilities that arise on a daily basis. As security breaches become more and more visible it is imperant that businesses remain diligent on the solutions they implement to keep them safe. Business owners are also challenged with todays need to allow more remote access to data and resources from the growing mobile workforce. With the proper design these risky factors can be controlled, contact us to discuss how we can be of assistance. Common outcomes of a security breach - Lost operation time
- Loss of business focus
- Loss of client’s confidence
- New business opportunities lost
- Damage to employee confidence
- Time spent in meetings, communications and other activities required to rebuild morale
- Legal fees for dealing with client damages
- Legal fees for suing vendors who may have been involved in the incident
- Increased PR and advertising costs
- Distracted and defensive management faced with angry clients & unhappy employees
- The cost of replacing a management team held responsible for the breach
- The opportunity cost involved in giving the company time to return to normal. Protection from a Security Breach
a Security Appliances - An integrated solution that will provide complete protection.


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